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How to steer a ship that’s not yours

Marketing needs, a vision and purpose if it is going to be successful.

All of our services are designed to help you lead your crew.  You might be a crew of one wearing many hats, a leader of a full team or maybe your team is a motley crew of outsourced support.

The most important thing to use is that we empower you to lead your marketing.

Captains Collective

The most cost-effective option with the best community vibe.  The Captains Collective is aimed at sole practionars or small team accounting businesses and for anyone who has the responsibility for marketing.   This online live event program takes care of you on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis.  It includes Strategy, Planning, Accountability and Support

Rock The Boat

To niche or not to niche, is one of life’s biggest questions as a business owner. 

This 6-month program uses the Rock The Boat Framework to help you identity your stand-out positioning, the stories that will resonate wth your target audience and a marketing plan that will attract and convert your ideal clients.

Our philosophy is you don’t have to niche, but you do have to focus. 

Private Mentoring

Flexible support, when you need it, how you need it.  Eeach package of hours and get the captains 1:1 support on your most critical challenges. 

How to explain a concept to people who don’t understand marketing, tracking your results and proving your theories or just plan old getting stuff done.  You will get the help you need  

We look after the Heart and The Head

The barrier we see most with Accountants and Bookkeepers is the feeling that they do not offer anything different from their peers and they are unable to stand out from the sea of other accounting professionals.

And it is this that often stops you from shouting about what you do.  Because at a fundemental level you don’t know why they should buy.

The fith pillar is Mind and Soul because without that alignment you will find it hard to get anywhere.

Accountants and bookkeepers play a vital part in the small business community.  And it is this community that offers the most opportunity for the UK to generate and distribute wealth more evenly.   I am invested in helping you because I can’t see another way to directly support this cause as well as helping you to grow.

Kelli Doorne-Millott

The Captain

This Framework Underpins Everything We Do

Rock The Boat Framework ™

Rock The Boat - Discovery

The freedom to think without barriers so you can base your strategy on the evidence you collect

Rock The Boat - Stand Out

Discover your voice and use your stories to stand out from the sea of other accounting professionals

Mind & Soul

We belive that your mind, soul and emotional mastery is your key to success.  If you don’t beleive in you, you can’t expect it from others

North Star - Marketing Map

Avoid overwhelm at all costs by structuring your year and planning your marketing activity

North Star - Marketing Management

The magic isn’t in the ideas, but in the application of the ideas.  We will guide you through your implmentation.

second star to the right and straight on till morning.”


Here’s some feedback from our clients

Kelli is awesome. She’s really helped me to drill down into my values and motivation. And without triggering my usual resistance to this sort of thing. 

Jennie Holyoake

I had been feeling a little lost in my goal and the direction which had lead to lack of my communication via marketing. Kelli provided some very structured guidance which was directed to me, it wasn’t general “fluffy” advice it was to the point and about me.


Being part of the Captain’s Collective has given me the structure and understanding to carve out a long-term marketing plan that suits my style, and I’ve never felt more confident in the direction my business is going.

Kayleigh Spowart

For any accountant who is struggling to identify their niche and lacks confidence in who their target market is, I would highly recommend Kelli’s services.

Martin Cook

Ready to Make a Change?

If you are ready for change but are not sure what change you need to make why not book a quick chat with Kelli who can guide you on the right path.