Pirate Code 

We love to be rebellious, creative, and entrepreneurial.  We didn’t know when we first started out how similar this is to the Golden age of piracy.  That was until we read a book that reaffirmed our philosophies and gave us the courage to Be Bold, Brave and Courageous. 

This page explains our pirate code.  The six articles help guide our desicions every day.  

If you are curious about how the golden age of pircay can empower you we reccoemnd you read Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff. 

Article One 

We value every motherf*cking last one of you  

We value every single one of you, regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other personal characteristic. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and we strive to create a workplace and community where everyone feels welcome and included.

We live and breathe equal rights, and we work to promote these values through our marketing, our partnerships, and our hiring practices. We are not afraid to tackle difficult conversations about social justice, and we believe that it is our responsibility as a business to use our platform to make a positive impact on the world.

We believe that to be a truly ethical business, you need to have everybody’s best interests at heart. That means putting the needs of our employees, customers, and community above our own profits. It also means being transparent about our practices and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

We are committed to creating a more just and equitable world, and we believe that businesses have a role to play in making that happen. We are proud to be a part of the movement for social change, and we will continue to work tirelessly to create a better future for all.

    Article Two 

    Clarity is the key to lead generation

    Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting potential customers into leads. A lead is someone who has expressed interest in your product or service but has not yet made a purchase.

    To generate leads, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience and what they need. This means knowing their demographics, their pain points, and their goals. Once you understand your target audience, you can create content and marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to appeal to them.

    This means the client needs to be clear and we need to be clear.  If there is any ambiguity we need to ask questions.

    Article Three

    We strive for perfection, but we also learn from our mistakes

    Pirates are always striving to be the best they can be. We aim for perfection in everything we do, but we also know that we are not perfect and can make mistakes, just like everyone else. But instead of hiding our mistakes or making excuses, pirates own them. They learn from their mistakes and use them to improve. This attitude of owning one’s mistakes is an important part of the pirate code. It shows that pirates are not afraid to be imperfect. They are willing to admit their mistakes and learn from them. This makes them stronger and more resilient.

      Article Four

      Overwhelm is a dangerous place, avoid at all cost 

      Pirates know that it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are always too many things to do, too many decisions to make, and too many people to please. But pirates also know that overwhelm is a dangerous place. It can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

      To avoid overwhelm, pirates focus on one thing at a time. They break down big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. They also learn to say no to things that are not important. And they take time for themselves to relax and recharge.

      If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember that you are not alone. Pirates have been there too.

      Article Five

      Focus on the Gold and You’ll find silver along the way

      Pirates know that it is important to focus on your goals. If you focus on the gold, you will eventually find silver along the way. This means that if you focus on your dreams and what you want to achieve, you will eventually find success.

      However, it is also important to enjoy the journey. Don’t get so focused on the gold that you forget to enjoy the silver. The silver is the little things that make life worth living, like spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature, or learning new things.

      If you can find a way to balance your focus on the gold with your enjoyment of the silver, you will be more likely to achieve your goals and live a happy and fulfilling life.

      Article Six

      We leave a wake of positive change wherever we sail

      Pirates are not just about plunder and plunder. They also believe in leaving a positive impact on the world. They want to make the world a better place, even if it’s just in a small way. They do this by helping those in need, protecting the environment, and standing up for what they believe in.

      Pirates believe in freedom and self-reliance. They believe that everyone should be free to make their own choices and live their own lives. They also believe that everyone has the power to make a difference in the world.

      Why Choose Us

      We Are Captains

      Group programs, online programs, masterminds.  They all seem a bit too impersonal.  

      With our Captains firmly at the centre of everything we do, we thought Collective was a better term to describe our vision. 

      We are building a Collective of Captains who come together to support one another. 

      We value difference, independence and equality.  We focus on changing the world and shout loudly so the people at the back can hear.  

      We empower each other with truth, knowledge and perspective. 

      Based On

      Rock The Boat Framework ™

      Rock The Boat - Discovery

      The freedom to think without barriers so you can base your strategy on the evidence you collect

      Rock The Boat - Stand Out

      Discover your voice and use your stories to stand out from the sea of other accounting professionals

      Mind & Soul

      We believe that your mind & soul underpin every action that you take.  If you don't believe in you, you can't expect it from others

      North Star - Marketing Map

      Avoid overwhelm at all costs by structuring your year and planning your marketing activity 

      North Star - Marketing Management

      The magic isn't in the ideas, but in the application of the ideas.  We will guide you through your implmentation.

      second star to the right and straight on till morning.”


      Meet The Captains

      “Being part of the Captain’s Collective has given me the structure and understanding to carve out a long-term marketing plan that suits my style, and I’ve never felt more confident in the direction my business is going.

      Kelli is always on hand to keep me focused and on track and provides a level of accountability I badly need. Kelli’s marketing service is fantastic, but what makes the Collective even more remarkable is Kelli herself. She’s kind, funny, approachable and creates a safe space for her clients to work on their marketing. The Collective feels like a community”

      Kayleigh Spowart

      Director, Koyn Accountancy

      I’ve have been in with Collective for approx 6 months and really value the accountability from Kelli and the other members.

      It feels less lonely and slightly less daunting. The experience and guidance Kelli provides as the Captain has helped me nail down my marketing efforts.

      Whilst I have rallied against “ideal client” avatars and it’s taken me a while to believe it, I am now seeing the benefits of really knowing who you are talking to in terms of your marketing.

      Rachel Pearson

      Director , Account_Ant

      “I joined the Captains Collective as I knew that Kelli would whip me into shape, and maybe even turn me into someone who enjoys marketing. I crave structure but also need to rebel against it.

      Kelli is perfect for me. She’s kind, fun, encouraging, and incredibly knowledgeble and good at what she does, but also absolutely won’t stand for any BS and can spot a lame excuse at 100 paces and will call you out on it”

      Emma James

      Director, The Number Ninja

      Choose Your Own Adventure 

      Meet The Captain

      Kelli Doorne-Millott

      Kelli Doorne-Millott


      I fucking love the accounting space.  Shit, sorry, am I allowed to swear?

      But I do.  I am really in love with the work that these guys do.  I am a staunch believer in small businesses.  I think that by empowering small businesses we can spread the wealth that is currently so poorly distributed.  We can create jobs, and challenge our government’s decisions.  I am passionate about helping all business owners.  So what better way than to help the people with the most influence and who offer the most support?

      My methods are a cross between typical and, not so typical.  I like to get creative juices flowing which doesn’t happen if you already know what to expect.  One of our core pillars is Mind and Soul.  This pillar is the most vital because the first person who needs to beleive in you, is you. 

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